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Welcome to Federal Benefits
Our mission is to educate federal employees on the importance of a clear understanding of their current financial situation. We also help in establishing a solid framework and counsel them to maximize their benefit options to meet their goals in achieving financial security and freedom during their retirement. 

Request Information on these Important Questions.

Do you know when you will be eligible to retire?

Do you understand how to read all of the codes on your pay stub?

Do you know how to calculate your expected monthly retirement income?

Do you know the 2016 maximum annual contribution to the TSP?

Do you know the monthly cost of the Survivor’s Annuity?

Are you aware of the one-time in-service withdrawal option through TSP?

Do you know what percentage of your retirement annuity you or your spouse will receive? 

Do you know how to receive up to a 10% bonus on ALL of your TSP funds?

Do you know what the annual cost of FEGLI will be at retirement?

Are you interested in learning how to obtain a tax free income in retirement?

Do you have plans to participate in the Federal Long Term Care Insurance?

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